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About Fintech Academy Asia

iTrain Malaysia and 1337 Ventures join forces to future-proof organisations with quality Fintech training.

While the likes of digital banking, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology are shaking up the financial services (FS) industry and putting huge numbers of jobs at risk, Fintech also offers big opportunities to people with the right skills and knowledge. With so much growth and disruption, financial institutions, their advisors and staff, universities, and e-learning marketplaces need a practical source for training to stay relevant.

Fintech Academy Asia was founded to address this gap by providing current learning content and online resources for individuals in the FS line, and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to identity the next big opportunities in their industry.

Immerse yourself in the global Fintech trends

that can impact your enterprise and the digital customer journey of your clients.

Make your organisation or workforce Fintech-ready

and capable of launching new products and services, as well as identifying the right startup partners for growth.

Learn from top-tier industry entrepreneur

who can't wait to share their exciting journeys and insights with you!

Fintech Academy Asia Benefits

Our innovative Fintech-powered Courses are exclusively designed with your organisational transformation in mind!

Here's what you can gain from being part of Fintech Academy Asia:

Taught by Industry Leaders

Who wants to be taught by a boring academic who has more head knowledge than actual field experience or bear with inflated teaching costs? Our instructor line-up is made up of high profile entrepreneurs who are well qualified to conduct classes in Fintech innovation. Forget settling for low-quality, unscreened instructors!

New Opportunities

We connect the dots between premier Fintech Startups and Financial Institutions to facilitate investment, licensing, cross-border partnerships and even placement/internships.

Fintech Course Outlines

Select between Part-time (Weekends), or Full-time (Weekdays) Sessions.

Fintech Academy Asia's courses are designed to meet the needs of today's busy working professionals and entrepreneurs, and incorporates a blended learning approach that combines theory, intensive practice and industrial training.

Duration: 8 Weeks Part/Full-time

What you'll gain after 8 weeks:

  • Basics of Fintech including its history, sectors and relevance

  • Banking 2.0 and Banking 3.0 covering banking transformation

  • A quick dive into several Fintech sectors including payments, alternative funding, automated investment advice, blockchain and InsurTech

  • Technology enablers fueling Fintech, e.g., APIs, machine learning / artificial intelligence

  • Various regulations relevant for specific major Fintech sector

  • Optional: Curated internship opportunity with banks or fintech startups

Course outline:

  • Fintech Core

  • Market Outlook & Insights

  • Neo- and Challenger Banks

  • Alternative Lending

  • Robo-Advisor/Digital Wealth Management

  • Payments & Transfers

  • PFM, PFP, Financial Literacy

  • Online Trading

  • InsurTech

  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

  • Fintech Regulations (Southeast Asia)

Duration: 4 Weeks Part/Full-time

What you'll gain after 4 weeks:

  • The principles of how blockchain works

  • Confidently communicate the impact of blockchain to colleagues

  • Understand how blockchain technologies are being used today to resolve business problems

  • Understand regulators view of blockchain

  • Map a clear strategic roadmap to leverage the benefits of this new technology

  • Hands on and real-world knowledge on one of the biggest game-changing technology in the world

  • Direct access to banks, partners, FSIs, FinTech and Blockchain VCs

  • Immerse yourself in a community defined by a collective identity

  • Blockchain internship opportunity

Course outline:

  • An introduction

    • A brief history of Blockchain
    • Why it matters?
    • Existing technologies, terminology and case-studies
  • Business application

    • Public blockchain explained
    • Game Theory explained
    • ICO/ITO funding models
    • Marketplace business models
  • Blockchain for traditional business

    • How do Private blockchains work
    • An examination of case studies and examples
  • The Future of Blockchain

    • Scaling
    • Mapping and legislation
    • Ethical considerations

Duration: 3 Months Part/Full-time

What you'll learn:

Fintech Academy Asia is providing a course of another level that focuses on Blockchain, the disruptive technology that can potentially revolutionize not only the finance industry, but all industry. Through this course, students will immerse themselves and gain an extensive understanding of Blockchain and will be able to utilize this knowledge to create a final capstone project using this technology. We will focus on applications of Blockchains coveted by employers throughout the 3 months program. This curriculum is made possible with the help of leading blockchain experts and company founders who will participate in guest lectures and fireside chats.

What you'll gain after 12 weeks:

  • Hands on and real-world knowledge on one of the biggest game-changing technology in the world

  • Direct access to banks, FSIs, FinTech and Blockchain VCs

  • For startups, potential access to pre-seed funding

  • Blockchain internship opportunity

Course outline:

  • Introduction to Blockchain

  • Ethereum and Blockchain platforms

  • Clearing and settlement

  • Your First Wallet and Intro to Blockchain API

  • Assets and Tokenization and the Value of the Blockchain

  • Smart Contracts, Distributed Ledger Technology

  • Regulation and Legal Framework

  • Consensus Protocols and Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT)

  • Use Cases: Finance, Security, Social Goods, Other Alternative Use

  • Security: Attacks and Trustless Networks

Duration: 8 Weeks Part/Full-time

What you'll gain after 8 weeks:

  • Overview of programming concepts

  • using Python/Javascript in a browser-based programming platform that does not require any software installation on students' computers

  • Topics such as input/output data, data types, math/logic operators, branching, graphics, looping, searching, and sorting

  • Students will work on projects in a hands-on way, and software industry veterans will offer guest lectures to the class

  • Students will be able to understand the basics of Python/Javascript, communicate in coding language with peers and colleagues, and apply what they have learned to solving everyday problems.

Duration: 1 Day Part/Full-time

What you'll gain after the course:

  • Demystify the buzzwords Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

  • Understanding the applications of AI for fintech

  • Creating a competitive advantage using AI

  • Basics of designing an AI product

  • End to end implementation for an AI application

  • Processing and hardware considerations

  • Costing of an AI system

Duration: 3 Months

What you'll gain:

  • 3 months deep immersion and hands on experience in the Fintech Space

  • Gain a deeper insight and understanding of how a bank operates, practical work situations, and how technology impacts this fast-paced industry.

  • Key responsibilities and accountabilities include:

    • Provide support to the Strategy and Partnership Team
    • Assist in audience/market research activities for Fintech trends and startups
    • Assist in Fintech Events
    • Perform competitive analysis and identify gaps and opportunities for banks and FSI projects

The Organizers

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